Elliot Nightray
15 September 2019 @ 09:23 pm
♞ C a s t m a t e s ♞
G i l b e r t ♚ N i g h t r a y

Gilbert was adopted into the Nightray family, thus making he and Elliot brothers, even if not by blood. The two share a strange relationship. Despite Gilbert being the elder- one will usually find Elliot as the more dominant one in the relationship. Constantly bossing Gil around and yelling at him for his mistakes. Most of the time Elliot displays a great annoyance towards his brother- but underneath that he does truly care for Gilbert and wishes to protect him as a member of the Nightray family.

After arriving in Ruby City and meeting up with Gil for the first time, he was shocked to find out that Gilbert had apparently been here for a years time. After being offered a place to stay a million times, and in return rejecting that offer a million and one times, Elliot keeps in touch with Gilbert over the communicator. There was a time the two opened up to one another at the loss of Oz Vessalius in Ruby City, and afterwords things mellowed out between the two- before Gilbert ended up going missing for several days, causing Elliot to worry and stay out day and night searching for him. Afterwords Elliot came down with a bad cold, during which the two were reunited.

After recent events during a zombie attack Elliot has come to believe that the head hunter is somewhere in Ruby City. After witnessing several zombies beheaded in front of him, he's 99.99% positive it was the work of the head hunter. Because of this he's decided to move in with Gilbert to keep him better protected.
A d a ❀ V e s s a l i u s

Ada attended Latowidge academy along with Elliot as his upperclassman. Despite this Elliot treats her with little to no respect due to the rivalry between the two houses of Vessalius and Nightray, as well as how familiar and carefree Ada addresses him. Her innocent and oblivious personality work on Elliot's nerves the most. He's constantly yelling at the poor girl for her behavior and actions.

While in Ruby City the two have spoken often on matters such as reading and music, where Elliot comes to find out that Ada has eavesdropped overheard his playing many a time before and would love to hear him play the piano again sometime. This is extremely embarrassing to Elliot- who has no clue how to handle such a request, and ends up blowing up at her like a flustrated tsun instead. Ada has vanished from Ruby City now, and while Elliot can admit to it being a relief, he is a bit worried about the girl and how she's fairing back home.

Elliot secretly loves playing with her cats, Dinah and Snowdrop.
X e r x e s ☆ B r e a k

One of the few people that Elliot will openly speak about holding respect for. Since a young age Elliot has been amazed by Break and his skilled swordsmanship. One of his greatest wishes would be to be able to train under him in the art of sword combat- or even just to duel with the man would be a great honor. Outside of that realm, Elliot, like most people, see Break as a rather strange old man who keeps his wits about him at all times, even when he is acting rather silly. Elliot only just recently came to find that Break was in the city, and was greatly surprised at that!
☁ A l i c e ☁

J a c k ☂ V e s s a l i u s

When Elliot first discovered Jack's true identity in Ruby City, he didn't want to believe it at first. But after recalling that Ruby City distorted the flow of time, he came to accept that this was the man or "the hero" from 100 years ago, Jack Vessalius. At first he didn't like him, simply for the fact he was a Vessalius, the reason for his own families struggle. Then he just grew to not like Jack in general. Mainly for the fact Jack started playing Elliot's melody, Lacie. Many arguments have been had over said song and it's origins. Which caused Elliot to start wondering more about Glen Baskerville, whom Jack says is the composer of Lacie- but Elliot can't accept that. Lacie has and always will be his song. Even after confronting Glen during the Nightmare event, he still doesn't know what to think about him, or Jack for that matter. Since a crazy version of Jack also appeared covered in blood trying to kill the real Jack.

C r o s s ♩ C a n o n ♩ C R
L i l i ☀ Z w i n g l i

Lili is very much like Elliot's type imouto social link. Her moeness is at times overbearing and Elliot is not one to handle moeblobs very well. Their conversations usually consist of not!arguments. Which is basically Elliot yelling and throwing tsun!tantrums while Lili just smiles happily. He first met the girl during the wild jungle event, their meeting which involved Elliot accidentally cutting her on the cheek with his sword. But it's okay, because he made up for it by saving her from some wild reptile creature that it turns out didn't want to hurt them at all because it was just injured.

When Elliot got sick Lili came over to take care of him, much to Elliot's disapproval. The whole thing turned out to be pretty awkward considering when lili first showed up Elliot had been walking around half naked in his boxers... At least the soup she made for him was good. After that there were some zombie shenanigans involving both needing to rescue the other at some point. The more time the two spend together the more protective Elliot becomes of the girl. He really enjoys her company, though he would swear otherwise. A BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP IS BLOOMING
N a o k i ♣ K a s h i m a

Meeting Naoki for the first time was more than awkward. Considering he had only just arrived and Gilbert felt the need to dump the news on him that he and Naoki were engaged... Needless to say Elliot didn't appreciate that all too much. Not only that but Elliot didn't know how to feel about this complete stranger being engaged to his brother...

After the wedding there was a time when Gilbert went missing and the two went searching down in the catacombs for him together. There's still a lot of tension between the them that comes from their lack of affiliation and also their protectiveness over Gilbert. Though both express that in very different ways.
✚ M a r l u x i a ✚

A strange man who has made his appearance a few times now. Elliot isn't quite sure what to think of the man. His attitude makes him a bit wary and he isn't sure if he can trust him. His efforts seem to be well meant, but for now no real opinion has been formed about him.